Strong Future Initiative

 Last school year, SAA went through the regular accreditation process with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). This process is done as a way to ensure students receive a standard of education and to ensure the school program is a trustworthy and successful learning institution. SAA embarked on the self-study process with the goal of identifying areas of success and areas for growth. This required a great deal of work, examination and collaboration and we are happy to say the project was a success. From this process has come a clear understanding of SAA’s success and limitations, while also laying out an improvement plan for our school to build on the successes and focus on our areas for growth. We received a 3 year accreditation term from WASC, which is an exciting affirmation of the strength of our school. WASC affirmed our students’ academic achievement, spiritual growth and the quality of our teachers.

The Strong Future Initiative is the school improvement plan that came out of the accreditation process. It is a sustainable plan the combines strengths and areas of growth with goals to build a Strong Future for SAA, for our students. With collaboration between staff, parents, students, board members, constituent churches, and volunteers, SAA will be the premier private, Seventh-day Adventist K-12th grade learning institution.

Our Strong Future Initiative has five components, or focus areas: developing our mission statement and student outcomes, building a spiritual master plan, enhancing our assessment program, creating a Board improvement plan, and implementing an operations master plan. Each of these components will allow us to work on building stronger plans and processes and internalizing our purpose. In doing this we will be asking more questions of ourselves and of you: Why are we here? What are our responsibilities to help our students? How can we get better?

Building a strong future for our children is our top priority. We must make the education we provide sustainable. As we build our strong future, the focal point will continue to be the students. Without them we have no reason, we have no purpose. In this exciting step forward we need your help. You will hear about opportunities to contribute, to provide feedback, and to help build the future. We ask you take these opportunities.

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