Inspiring Our Athletes

Humility, awareness, empathy, listening, foresight, commitment to the growth of people, stewardship, and community building. According to Coach Cantrell, these ideals are at the heart of SAA’s sports program and teaching philosophy. “A lot of what the other coaches and I do has little to do with sports, or winning and losing, but rather, life in general, and how we are teaching our athletes to be productive citizens and servants to those around them,” Coach says of the program.

Coach Cantrell has built his teaching philosophy over years of learning from mentors, teachers, and family. “The mentors and friends that Adventist education provided me were incredible. Every day I was presented with at least some positive and uplifting influences whether in prayer, a Bible verse, weeks of prayer, or quality friends.”

Through a commitment to servant leadership, Coach strives to influence his students for a better life.

 “I love my athletes and serve them in whatever way I can, and ultimately, I put students in positions of leadership, to challenge and strengthen their abilities to serve others,” he says of his approach to teaching and coaching.

Coach Cantrell and his coaching team lead by example, by devoting their time and resources and maintaining high expectations. He strives to create an environment for the students in which they know they are valued, safe, challenged, and free to express themselves in the classroom, on the field, or on the court. SAA students feel that Coach understands them and works hard to help his students learn. But they also like how he just hangs out with them too. “I hope to equip and inspire an army of young people to go out and serve our church and our community. To provide Christ’s love and light to those people that they come in contact with each day,” he states.

As he teaches our students, one of his biggest desires for them is that they are supported by school, church and local community. He envisions all of SAA’s home games packed with parents, students, teachers, alumni, and church members cheering on our Capitals on the sidelines. “We will know we are on the right track when our gym is packed with people cheering the hard work of our students, supporting their character development and supporting the program through the booster club.”

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