Preschool Reaches Capacity

On October 17 SAA Preschool reached its capacity of 24 students per day, a milestone reached only two and half years after openingits doors. “The preschool, initiated with a donation, is a great blessing to SAA. Not only does it provide a needed service to our community, but it has also proved that it pulls it’s weight in enrollment,” says John Soule, principal. “Our youngest students bring such joy and hope to our campus.”

Reaching capacity is great news as this program truly is a “feeder” program into SAA’s Kindergarten yet reaching capacity also highlights the program’s ability and potential for growth. Shari Jones, preschool director, says the next milestone they look forward to reaching is an Infant/Toddler program.

Being on SAA’s campus allows our preschool program to share the resources of the academy, including the music program, library, gymnasium, and garden. SAA is also an environment that “provides a backing to the morals we are trying to teach,” says one of our preschool teachers, Cathleen Jones. Shari adds, “We teach them to know and love Jesus, social skills within a group, and about the classroom setting.”

As our preschool pursues more milestones, our staff will continue to enjoy each morning’s greeting of 24 students, yelling in excitement as they walk through the door.

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