Learning the Art of Woodshop

WoodshopShop, a fine arts elective class, has restarted this year after a 5+ year hiatus. Nine students, taught by Mr. R, first learned about the different equipment, tools and shop safety in August when the year-long class began. All students were each required to build one book shelf. As students develop their knowledge and skills, there is more freedom to choose their own projects. Students can complete as many projects as they are able in the year because they work at their own pace in the class. Past projects include lazy-susans and a hockey stick, while some current projects are taking shape as baseball bats, electric guitars and even a musical lyre. “This class gives our students an opportunity to work with their hands,” says Mr. R, “and the knowledge to plan a project and execute it, which are transferable skills that give them a step up.”

“We are excited to have woodshop back in our curriculum and building momentum,” says Principal Soule. “We have a lot of community members to thank for this comeback class, who donated time, energy and money to get our shop up to our standards.” The shop went through a major rejuvenation last year, receiving a thorough cleaning and equipment upgrades and additions.

Look for some woodshop projects at the school Science Fair in April.

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