Overrun by Robots

Championship 2011Do you like science and math? What about robots? Well, you have an opportunity to observe the NAD Robotics Championship right here on the SAA campus. We are excited to be hosting the 2013 Robotics Challenge on Sunday, May 5. The Adventist Robotics League (ARL) is sponsored by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists and is run as a partner with US FIRST (For Inspirational and Recognition of Science and Technology). ARL teams are made up of students in grades 4th-8th, from across the nation. Our very own Mr. Mel Wade is Director of ARL and the event organizer. Mr. Wade is looking for volunteers and a volunteer coordinator for this event. Contact Mr. Wade if you are interested in volunteering. The event, sponsored by Walla Walla University, School of Engineering, will be held from 8:00 a.m.-2 p.m. complete with judging, practice rounds, a tournament, closing ceremonies, and of course Lego Robots built by each team. These events, challenges, and teams teach student problem-solving skills, thinking processes, and teamwork. Here are some links if you would like to learn more about US FIRST and the ARL.

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