Fire In the Hole

IMG_8747Students got an up-close, and even hands-on, demonstration of the work of FBI Special Agent Bomb Technicians, on April 25. This visit was organized by Mr. R, 7th & 8th grade teacher, and Mr. Myers, bus driver, and friends with one of the presenting S.A.B.T.’s. During the morning demonstrations, 3rd-8th grader students and a few high school students observed as the agents displayed and explained the technology and tools needed to do their jobs. Some of our students participated in a few of the demonstrations as models, donning the protective wear and operating the robot.

The team from the FBI emphasized the importance a good education plays in their ability to do their work and explained the technology used to assess suspicious packages and devices, including a robot that costs over $100,000.


As a final demonstration, our students got a first-hand look at the damage even a small

amount of explosives can cause when the agents detonated a watermelon on the field. While the sulfur lingered in the air, students were able to talk on-on-one with the FBI team, try on protective gear and examine the technology


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