Elementary: Developing Character

Part of an SAA education is helping our students develop their character through their understanding and interactions with God and with others. When they leave us, we hope they are strong and confident in their character and set of values.

One can never be to young to start building these positive traits, and that is why our elementary team is working together to reinforce them this year with a monthly theme (not to be confused with the individual classroom themes). Our Prek-8th grades teachers and students will focus each month on a character development trait. “We are emphasizing Christian values and are using these themes as one way to highlight them,” says Mrs. Brayshaw.

This program will enhance and enrich each classes’ curriculum and help our students explore and understand tangible examples of these characteristics, traits and values. “I am going to be proactive in making sure my students understand each theme that they learn to implement them socially, at home and at school,” says Mrs. Zwankhuze.

Students and parents will be able to see these themes in curriculum, worship and play as our teachers weave them throughout each day. Watch for them each month to be visually displayed on the bulletin board in the junior high lobby.


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