Preschool and Beyond

IMG_0252The Preschool Program at Sacramento Adventist Academy has grown to be a very successful addition to our campus! With consistently full enrollment each year since we began in February 2010, we have served nearly 100 children and sent many of those into our SAA Kindergarten class.

Our preschool program is specially designed to stimulate, nurture and educate young children. We want to cultivate and expand children’s natural curiosity and love of learning. We also want to introduce children to the love of nature and their Creator God.

Our program is a springboard into Kindergarten and beyond. As a young child’s first experience in school, we want them to experience a fun, warm and caring environment where they feel safe and loved. Only then can they start to learn. We prepare them socially, physically, spiritually and academically for what is to come. We work hand in hand with families to get to know the children intimately and individualize their learning experience, as well as preparing them for entrance into Kindergarten. Our Kindergarten teacher works closely with us to ensure a smooth transition for each child.

IMG_7378Being a part of a larger campus community also allows us to provide Music, Library, Art, Science, Gardening, and much more! We invite you to visit and spread the word about this valuable resource for our community!

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