First Day of School Flag Raising Ceremony

Once again on the first day of school all of Sacramento Adventist Academy met at the flagpole. At 8:15 a.m. on Thursday, August 21, 2014, representatives from each grade, preschool through twelfth, carried the flag from the elementary steps to the flagpole while sophomores Stanley Araba and Lorenzo Pena and junior Jake Calkins played the National Anthem. When the last notes of the trumpet trio faded away and the flag was flying true all in attendance recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Dr. Paul Vance led out in prayer to close the ceremony.

SAA class representatives: Caroline Henderson, preschool; Holly Ferguson, kindergarten; Aiden Milson, first grade; Connor Blood, second grade; Nicole Mann, third grade, Isabella Stanic, fourth grade; Blaze Grubbs, fifth grade; Riley Haro, sixth grade; Max Lowery, seventh grade; Miranda Meyer, eighth grade, Mary Freeman, ninth grade; Maggie Fellows, tenth grade; Xander Culver, eleventh grade; Mark Abrio, twelfth grade.

SAA alumnus Jon Salas and Dr. Paul Vance assisted in raising the flag. Dr. Paul Vance serves as Chaplain Major for the Air Force Auxillary, the civilian branch of the Air Force. He is also father to SAA alumni Kiersten and Connor Vance. Jon Salas continues to work in the SAA community primarily as the NAUI SCUBA Instructor and Senior Survival sponsor.


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