NCC Teacher In-service at PUC

The day of learning and professional discussion began with a few reminders from Dale Henry, author of The Proverbial Crackerjack. “Our joy belongs to us.” “We give our joy to the first person who asks for it.” “Meek is not weak.” And that we as educators need to make sure we aren’t that “first person” who takes our students’ joy. His mantra, “Never say it’s not my job. Never say I wish I had” will stay with us, hopefully, for the duration of the school year and the next and the next and the next…

After lunch there were several Breakout Sessions. Several of our staff led sessions: Michael Rosich, iPads and Apps for Elementary Teachers; Mel Wade, Robotics Teams for High Schools; Mark Janke, flipped classrooms; Chelsea Inglish, Bible/Chaplains Shop Talk; Shari Thompson, Early Childhood Educators – Sharing Time Shop Talk.

Challenges were shared, discussed, tackled. The experienced gave anecdotal advice. The novice brought zest and fresh ideas. Shari Thompson pointed out that she enjoyed “seeing what everybody else is doing” but also having the chance to network and problem solve with colleagues. Her session ended by going around the circle with each participant saying what he/she loves about his/her job and prayer.

These sessions also allowed for discussion and introduction of new curriculum and textbooks. Chelsea Inglish is excited about the New Bible curriculum, which will use the Bible as its textbook rather than a Bible textbook.

Overall the day was a worthwhile interruption of the pre-session responsibilities.


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