SAA K-8 Back to School Night

Both Mrs. Zwankhuze and Mr. Rosich spoke of Back to School Night in their classrooms as a wonderful, friendship making social event – parents chatting to each other and the teachers, setting up play dates for their kids, without any prompting making our community here at SAA stronger.

In Mrs. Ferguson’s room parents played a guessing game. Each second grader wrote about him or herself and drew a self-portrait, lift the flap and see a photo of the student. The second graders also made curtains for this special night. When asked how she felt about the night, Mrs. Ferguson replied she was “glad ‘lots of parents came or it doesn’t feel worthwhile.”

Mrs. Jackson introduced parents to the agendas and “organize it” binders the students begin using in 3rd grade. She was able to speak specifically about her classroom’s field trips and how they are connected to the California History curriculum.

There are several overnight trips that were discussed during Back to School Night: 4th grade to Rockin’ Waters, 5th and 6th to Science Camp at Leoni Meadows, 7th to Albion and 8th to the Bay area. Keep an eye out for cookie dough salesmen from the 4th – 6th grade classrooms this October. Forty percent of all sales go toward the cost of their trips.

Overnight trips weren’t the only exciting outings talked about. Kids Studio of Fine Arts in Roseville provides art classes on a variety of levels. The 5th and 6th grade classes will be taking a day each to expand their knowledge and practice of the visual arts at the end of September. And remember Box Tops for Education should be brought to the 6th grade classroom. For every fifteen brought in you get a pencil and the possibility of a special prize.

Both Mrs. Johnston and Mr. Ritterskamp mentioned that this year’s event had the biggest turnout either could remember. Between the number of parents signing up as volunteers and students signing up for electives (22 in choir, 16 for shop where they’ll make an electric guitar, or ukulele, or beat box) they are looking forward to a great year.

Thanks for coming and your continuous interest in the education of your student.


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