5th and 6th Grade Field Trip to the Kids Studio of Fine Arts

“What a fabulous experience!”



On September 22, Fifth Grade, then the following Monday, September 29, Sixth Grade, spent the morning at the Kids Studio of Fine Arts. Not just an arts and crafts session, the students’ morning consisted of a detailed, step-by-step lesson in image construction and coloring. Even if the student began the session thinking, “There’s no way I can draw a humpback whale (or sea turtle),” by the end of the morning each student had successfully drawn either a humpback whale (5th grade) or sea turtle (6th grade).

Instead of being handed a bank piece of paper and told, “Draw a humpback whale,” students were instructed block-by-block. The instructor, Shannon Thorbus, showed the students exactly how to shape each line and curve. Once the sketch was completed, the students were given a limited palette of liquid watercolors and paintbrushes. The technique they were taught kept the colors from running, the pencil lines from bleeding, and the smudges from showing. The last step, sprinkling salt on the painting, gave the students’ pieces texture.

So what did they learn? Well, they learned that with good instruction and practice, drawing is within anyone’s reach. They learned to be proud of what challenges. They learned it’s more productive to complement others than criticize oneself. And of course, they learned how to draw a humpback whale or sea turtle!


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