Grades 2-4 Go on Safari

The overwhelming sentiment regarding the Safari West field trip was, “Very cool!” Wednesday, September 24 the second, third, and fourth grade students embarked on an African adventure via Santa Rosa, Ca. They were accompanied by their teachers, Stephanie Ferguson and Dolly Jackson, several willing parent chaperones, and SAA’s bus driver, Gary Myers.

The guided walking tour portion of the trip took the students through a small zoo area and aviary. While on their walking tour, a baby monkey really put on a show for the Second Grade. Their guide mentioned that the monkey was being unusually silly, perhaps putting on a special performance knowing it was little people who had come to visit. Third and Fourth Grade were followed by cranes as they toured the aviary. All students were warned to keep their hands in their pockets so they wouldn’t be pecked by birds looking for food. Dylan Ferguson was still pecked by an undaunted bird, though he kept his hands firmly in his pockets.

For the 45-minute safari, students boarded the African Queen, a 25-foot trailer affixed with long benches facing out from the middle pulled by a full size pick-up truck. Students stayed completely engaged watching rhinos, giraffes, zebra, antelope and more roaming Safari West’s savannah grasslands.

Dolly Jackson first became aware of this opportunity eight years ago. She kept track of the information and a few years ago when she was looking for a new field trip, she remembered Safari West. Worried about the price tag, Mrs. Jackson continued her research. She found the education program and the trip was doable. After two previous tries, she was finally able to make the trip.

Though the bus ride was long, the drive to Santa Rosa was absolutely worth it. A well-maintained facility, interesting tours, and a chance to eat lunch surrounded by flamingos and giraffes truly made the trip worth the wait. Both teachers said they would take students on this field trip again.

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