In The Classroom – 3rd & 4th

For those not in the know, every 6 weeks, the 3rd and 4th grade students participate in a classroom spelling bee. Now this is no small event, especially at this point in the year. At the end of 6 weeks, students have completed a unit’s worth of lessons in their spelling books. To celebrate this achievement, Mrs. Jackson holds a spelling bee. All students participate and the first and second place winners receive a prize and certificate of commemoration.

So this is how it works. All the students stand up. They are given one of the many words they have learned how to spell up to this point in the year. (Yes, that means that since this is the 24th week, students could be asked to spell any of the 20-25 words they have learned per week up to this point. Here’s a great math problem for a budding mathematician to solve.) The student then must say the word, spell it correctly, then say it one last time in the traditional spelling bee format. If a word is missed, the student sits down. First and second place are awarded to the last and next to last student standing. This week Ellie (4th), Derek (3rd) and Kalini (3rd) placed first and Erin (4th) placed second. (There was a tie in 3rd grade this week)

On the last day of school, 3rd and 4th will have its final spelling bee for the year – 36 lessons worth of words. Wow, now that is a challenge. The prize for the year end spelling bee is a trophy.

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