Fantasy Football Teacher & Student League

Article by Daniel, Senior

The NFL season has arrived and along with it, Fantasy Football and the Teacher/Student league is already off to a great start. Every year, the Sunday after the school Lock-In, the Fantasy Footballers get together in the History room of the high school and participate in the annual draft. The draft takes about 2-3 hours and ends with the expressions of competition showing confidence or reminders of regrets. After the teams are settled yahoo fantasy sports gives us a grade and some critics, this year the grade ranged from a D+ to some As. These projections are accurate, but not always true; trades, player injuries and just simple mistakes can change the entire game.

Although the victory comes with satisfaction and a year round of gloating, it also comes with a prize provided by Mr. Calkins. He donates one of his brand new electric guitars, the last two have gone to Chris Dunlap, the high school. Chris may have won the last two years of Fantasy Football in this League, but some have hope the winning streak can be stopped before a third consecutive win. This competition is all in good fun, with everyone having their moments of praise or criticism, but all players are eager for the first game to kick off the season.