SA Annual Event Lasts All Night Long

Article by Amaya, Junior

How much do all the high school SAA students weigh? Enough to break the ice. To begin the 2017-2018 school year, the Student Association continued with their beginning of the year tradition – a high school, overnight, icebreaker. From August 19 to August 20, freshmen and seniors came together and “broke the ice” with a plethora of fun and games. At the beginning, students participated in the “Grunge Game.” In this game, a designated person stands in the middle of the gym and calls out random items, the class that brings the item to the center first gets a point. Students are asked to bring random stuff because they do not know what the person in the center is going to call out. It was class against class.

This year, Seniors and Juniors were neck and neck, with sophomores and freshmen right behind them. “It was my first icebreaker and it was so good bonding with my class. I wish I went to icebreaker in my freshman and sophomore and junior year. It was worth my night and I wish this feeling will never end. It was so good I might pass away,” beamed Catrina Son, senior. After the initial, exhausting game came more tiresome, but energetic games. Every student was sweating, but excited. After the games in the gym, willing participants enjoyed a nice, ice cold slip n’ slide after the sweat-producing games. The slip n’ slide wasn’t the end of the fun, after, lock-in started. We paid our $10 and the fun continued.

“For my first year it was so much fun! I met new people that I haven’t met before and it was a great time. It was a great mixture of total fun and total chaos!” exclaimed RJ Freeman, freshman. During the beginning of the lock-in portion, students who brought white t-shirts began the t-shirt signing process. This part solidifies the friendship and bonds created between people during the games. “Yo it was lit! Can’t wait for next year!” expressed Mimi Tucker, sophomore.

After the t-shirt signing, we went inside the gym to play more games. Then, students dispersed to get some good ol’ food – pizza! The rest of the night, the students were allowed to play around inside the gym, mpr, and the courtyard outside of the gym. At 2 am, the staff and chaperones called bedtime, but the fun didn’t stop there. Within their designated sleep areas, guys and girls talked and laughed the night away. With more laughs came more memories. Some seniors even went to the playground in the elementary area to watch the sunrise. In the morning, everyone got ready to leave. “This was the best year yet. I had fun with all the games and got some sick vlog footage,” says Beven-Greg Delos Reyes, junior. Though the exciting event may be over, the friendships that were created remain. Icebreaker and lock-in are the annual events that never fail to start the year off right.