Amaya and Willy, Class of 2019


Sacramento Adventist Academy has been a supporter of Christalis for two years now. This program was brought to the school by their very own bus driver and board member of Christalis, Gary Myers. He has known about Christalis for about four and a half years. His daughter Kiana Myers, SAA alumnus, introduced this program to him when she was raising money to build a home in Uganda. 

Since then, Gary’s heart was compelled to share this blessing with others so that they too might be moved to help the less fortunate. “I want to get the word out that we are only scratching the surface on the need. I would love it if “we” could grow this program across North America to sister schools encouraging them to “adopt” children of their own and maybe we could eliminate the 700 children on the current wait list. Maybe students at SAA could take on a project of contacting every school in the NCC and then expand to the Union and then North America. It would be a good opportunity for students to get involved in a project utilizing skills they are learning in something real that could make a real difference for others,” expresses Gary Myers.

Though Christalis focuses on helping third-world countries, the skills the students exhibit are applicable to local life. Students at Sacramento Adventist Academy have eagerly participated in this program since its introduction to the school. Each class has a student that they have “adopted” and now sponsor. The classes raise money for their child to help put them through school. A money goal is set for every class, every year and the students always go above and beyond.

“It is so cool to see the students take this serious and their determination to succeed! I think the willingness to help was there, this just makes it very visible,” excites Gary Myers. Christalis has allowed the students to demonstrate compassion to those who need it.