Senior Survival: Did They Survive?

Hannah, SAA Class of 2020


SAA high schoolers know that when they are a senior, they can go on a trip that will change them physically, mentally and most importantly, spiritually. Each year, the seniors pack their own backpacks with all their necessities to last them for a whole weekend to make the long and adventurous backpacking trip to the Rubicon Trail. The bus ride is about two and a half hours to get there and then you take a long hike to their campsite.


For many years, up to 2005, senior survival stopped until Jon Salas, SAA alumnus, came back to SAA to start it up again. There have been many teachers and staff that have participated in Senior Survival too. To name a few, Mr. Mason, the high school science teacher, has been going on Senior Survivals for 7 years. Ms. Nina, the elementary music director, and Mr. Jakobsons, our principal, have been on a Senior Survival or two.


Every year Senior Survival changes just a tiny bit so the students will not get the same experience every time. But many things do stay the same. For example, Senior Survival took place at Leoni Meadows for a few years but then they changed the location to the Rubicon Trail.


I asked seniors some questions about Senior Survival:


Interviewer: Did anyone get severely hurt?

Jacob: “Noone got severely hurt.”

Elijah: “No.”

Enoch: “I cut my finger while making a wooden toothbrush, but we brought first aid kits, so I got a bandaid and it was fine.”


Interviewer: Did your class get closer after senior survival?

Elijah: “Yes, the people who went got closer.”

So after all, the seniors of 2018 did SURVIVE! They came back with little or no injuries and the hope that next year’s group of seniors will be just as safe as the seniors from this year.