Welcoming New People to Our Family with a Senior Living Home on Campus

Sabrina, SAA Class of 2019


Deep in the campus of SAA are 15 acres unused and full of possibility. Sacramento Adventist Academy’s principal Matthew Jakobsons, along with board members including Greg Fayard, Jeff Blood, and Judy Cain have promoted a promising idea. Representatives of the Generations, LLC were involved in helping get this project on its way as well. These internal and external individuals are proposing the idea of a senior living home on campus.


This project was approved by the constituency in June of 2016 but has been talked about for 3 years. Right now it is being researched by the lead architect from Generations. He is taking tree and soil samples along with doing traffic and environmental studies to see if the project is even feasible to do. If so, 15 acres on the eastern portion of the campus would be used. As of now, this part of campus is completely barren and unused and would be a good place to start a new project.


The senior living home would consist of three separate buildings. Seniors 65 or older would have a comfortable home to reside and have many activities to participate in. For example, there could possibly be a performing arts center. The residents would have fun performing skits for each other, elementary students could come and sing, and much more.


A few other things in the home would be a cafeteria and a swimming pool. These two facilities would also be open to the students and staff of SAA. The home could offer community service hour opportunities for students who need 25 hours a year.


This new addition we could possibly have in our school community will result in significantly more profit in the next 6-8 years (the total amount is classified) but more importantly, new faces in our warm SAA family. Keep this project in your prayers and hope that we can welcome the senior community with open arms!