History, Hall of Fame, Records, and Accomplishments

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Since opening its doors in 1948 Sacramento Adventist Academy has had a long proud tradition of athletic excellence. For the majority of SAA’s history athletics was primarily confined to on-campus intramurals, physical education, and church league competition. The record board in the gym lobby touts the athletic prowess of the 70’s and 80’s with many track and field records that are still standing today.

Friendship games and tournaments between other Adventist schools begin to grow in the 80’s and 90’s. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s parents, administration, and Stuart Bushnell (Athletic Director, 1989-2007) helped bring Sacramento Adventist Academy into the California Interscholastic Federation. This allowed SAA to begin competing in regular interscholastic competition first as associate members and then eventually members of the Sacramento Valley Christian League (SVCL). Opportunities to advance to playoffs and compete for league championships were now provided for SAA athletes. SAA was one of the very first Adventist schools in Northern California to make the move into the CIF. In 2005 the CIF Sac Joaquin Section Board of Managers voted to realign several leagues. Sacramento Adventist Academy was moved from the SVCL to form a brand new league called the Sacramento Metropolitan Athletic League (SMAL). Sacramento Adventist Academy was a charter member of this new league and has been actively been involved in growing and supporting the league ever since. SAA currently participates in the sports of boys and girls volleyball, boys and girls flag football, boys and girls cross country, boys and girls basketball, boys golf, and girls softball.

K-8 grade students have traditionally only participated in occasional friendly games with local Adventist schools and intramural competition on campus. In 2015 though, Matt Cantrell (Athletic Director, 2012 – 2018) helped move the 6th-8th grades in the Central California League (CCL) for all sports. We now compete with other local Christian and Adventist schools in the sports of volleyball, flag football, basketball, and soccer.

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Hall of Fame

Al Harrington (Coach, Announcer, and Parent) 2007-2014

  • His 8 years of service to the athletic program was exceptional. Al helped coach boys basketball at the JV and Varsity levels. He was the announcer for all home games for a number of years and the original “voice of the Capitals”. Al’s biggest achievement as a head coach was on the girl’s varsity volleyball team. Al helped lead the team to their first-ever CIF SJS playoff appearance in 2013.

Stuart Bushnell (Athletic Director and Coach) 1989-2007

  • Stuart was instrumental in helping to establish Sacramento Adventist as a member of the CIF and one of the first Adventist schools in Northern California to gain CIF membership. Stuart was also the head coach for the boy’s varsity basketball team for many years. He helped lead the team to our schools first ever league championship in 2002 along with our first ever CIF SJS playoff appearance. The boy’s varsity basketball team made a number of other subsequent trips to the playoffs in the years that followed. In 2007 Stuart helped lead the team to the first-ever undefeated league season in school history and our second league championship.

Kris Dunlap (Teacher and Coach) 1990 – Present

  • Kris has played an integral role in the athletic program since we arrived on campus in 1990. Kris has coached a number of sports at the high school and junior high level. The team that he has had the most success with though has been the girl’s varsity basketball team. Kris helped lead the girl’s varsity basketball team to the 2008 PUC Tournament championship along with a number of CIF-SJS playoff appearances. Kris is always at home games and willing to help with scoreboard or supervision whenever asked and is a huge part of the continued excellence of the athletic program over the years. He is also the athletic program historian with an incredible memory for the team and individual accomplishments over the years.

Dustin Comm (Athlete) Class of 2002

  • Dustin was an exceptional athlete. During his four-year high school career, he helped lead the boy’s basketball team to our first ever league championship and playoff appearances. Dustin went on to play college basketball at Pacific Union College where he still holds a number of scoring and shooting records. Dustin was an exceptional student and leader on campus as well. His legacy of excellence has been emulated and followed by a number of student-athletes in the years that followed his time on campus.

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Boys Varsity Football

48 Consecutive Wins, 2014 – 2017 seasons

Boys Varsity Basketball

Career Points: 1448 – Griffin Trull (Class of 2018)

Single Season Points: 621 – Griffin Trull (Class of 2018)

Single Game Points: 38 – Griffin Trull vs Victory Christian 12/5/17 and vs Faith Christian 2/8/18

Single Season Field Goals Made: 217 – Griffin Trull (Class of 2018)

Single Season Free Throws Made: 79 – Griffin Trull (Class of 2018)

Single Game Free Throws Made: 9 – Griffin Trull vs Sacramento Country Day 1/26/17

Career 3pt Shots Made: 221 – Griffin Trull (Class of 2018)

Season 3pt Shots Made: 108 – Griffin Trull (Class of 2018)

Single Game 3pt Shots Made: 7 – Griffin Trull vs Western Sierra 12/13/18

Single Season Rebounds: 269 – Jamison Collins (Class of 2019)

Single Game Rebounds: 18 – Jamison Collins vs Faith Christian 2/8/18

Single Season Assists: 154 – Cyrus Jones (Class of 2017)

Single Game Assists: 14 – Griffin Trull vs Valley Christian 2/6/18

Single Season Steals: 115 – Cyrus Jones(Class of 2017)

Single Game Steals: 10 – Cyrus Jones vs Woodland Christian 12/7/16

Single Season Blocks: 66 – Bryson Collins (Class of 2019)

Single Game Blocks: 9 – Cyrus Jones vs Valley Christian 1/14/17

Wins in a season: 28 (2017-2018 season)

Girls Varsity Basketball

Career Points: 460 – Alexandra Hartwick (Class of 2015)

Single Season Points: 215 – Kristen Sobrepena (Class of 2021)

Single Game Scoring: 24 vs Wilton Christian 2015 season – Amy Harrington (Class of 2015)

Team Scoring Record: 66 pts vs Freedom Christian (2013 Season)

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Program Accomplishments

Jr High League Championships: 1 – 2017 CCL Boys Basketball

JV League Championships: 3 – 2016 SMAL Boys Basketball, 2017 SMAL Boys Basketball, and 2018 SMAL Boys Basketball

Varsity League Championships: 12 – 2002 SVCL Boys Basketball, 2007 SMAL Boys Basketball (Undefeated), 2013 SMAL Boys Cross Country, 2014 SMAL Boys Cross Country, 2014 SMAL Girls Cross Country, 2016 SMAL Boys Golf, 2016 SMAL Boys Cross Country, 2017 SMAL Boys Basketball (Undefeated), 2017 SMAL Boys Golf, 2017 Boys Cross Country, 2018 SMAL Boys Basketball (Undefeated), and 2018 SMAL Boys Volleyball (Undefeated)

Section Playoff Appearances: 33 – Boys Basketball (16), Girls Basketball (12), Boys Golf (2), Girls Volleyball (2), Girls Softball (1) and Boys Volleyball (1)

Section Runner Ups: 3 – 2012 Boys Varsity Basketball, 2017 Boys Varsity Golf, and 2018 Boys Varsity Basketball

Section Championships: 1 – 2017 Div. 6 Boys Varsity Basketball 41-40 vs Sacramento Waldorf

NorCal Playoff Appearances: 2 – 2017 Boys Varsity Basketball and 2018 Boys Varsity Basketball

NorCal Championships: 1 – 2018 Div. 6 Boys Varsity Basketball 57-47 vs Ripon Christian

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*Information not currently available prior to 2012 on individual awards

League Awards

Coach of the Year Awards: 3 – Scott Tedmon (2017 SMAL Boys Basketball), Scott Tedmon (2018 SMAL Boys Basketball), and Changsu Park (2018 SMAL Boys Volleyball)

League MVP Awards: 3 – Griffin Trull (18′) (2017 SMAL Boys Basketball), Griffin Trull (18′) (2018 SMAL Boys Basketball), and Joe O’Connor (18′) (2018 SMAL Boys Volleyball)

1st Team All-League Award Winners

2018 – Juliana Conrad (20′), Griffin Trull (18′), Breckin Beaman (21′), Hailee Arnold (18′), Jamison Collins (19′), Shane Jones (18′), Bryson Collins (19′), and Joe O’Connor (18′)

2017 – Hailee Arnold (18′), Hannah Lowery x 2 (17′), Griffin Trull (18′), Cyrus Jones (17′), Bryson Collins (19′)

2016 – Alexandra Hartwick (16′), Calen Genobaga (16′), Hannah Lowery (17′)

2015 – Dalton Trull (15′), Roxana Stefan (15′), Amy Harrington (15′)

2014 -Amy Harrington (15′)

2nd Team All-League Award Winners

2018 – Mason Janke (19′) Bryce Beaman (18′), Bryson Collins x 2 (19′), Kristen Sobrepena (21′), and Shane Jones (18′)

2017 – Shane Jones (18′),

2016 – Caitlyn Engel (16′), Sabrina Baratta (19′), Bobby Sowa (16′), Jim Suani (16′), Alexa Basset (16′)

2015 – Megan Bush (15′), Kaylin Tatsuyama (17′), Jake Calkins (16′), Joel Wagness (15′), Alexandra Hartwick (16′), Alexa Basset (16′)

2014 – Dalton Trull (15′), Anna Zelliti (14′), Makayla Trull (14′), Roxana Stefan (15′) Anna Zelliti (14′), Rachel Acob (14′)

Honorable Mention Award Winners

2018 – Willy Sowa (19′), Charlie Miller (18′), Dora Taukei (21′), Sabrina Baratta (19′), Grant Dizon (19′), Griffin Trul (18′), Crystal Sarnecki (20′) Kelly Sobrepena (20′), Bryce Beaman (18′), and Jamison Collins (19′)

2017 – Kailea Corpuz (18′), Kaylin Tatsuyama (19′), Keilalani Corpuz (20′), Jana Grubbs (18′), Bryce Beaman (18′), Jamison Collins (19′), Juliana Conrad (20′), Audrey Jones (17′)

2016 – Hailee Arnold (18′), Kailea Corpuz (18′), Hannah Lowery (17′), Karina Sattlemeyer (16′), Cyrus Jones (17′), Griffin Trull (18′), Alexandra Hartwick (16′), Janette Wagness (16′)

2015 – Hailee Arnold (18′), Caitlyn Engel (16′), Lorenzo Pena (17′), Bryce Beaman (18′), Calen Genobaga (16′), Jake Calkins (16′), Amy Harrington (15′), Megan Bush (15′), Karina Sattlemeyer (16′), Hannah Lowery (17′), Audrey Jones (17′)

2014 – Spencer McKinney (14′), Brendan Collins (15′), KC Sobrepena (14′), Meredith Lovell (14′), Alexa Basset (16′), Janette Wagness (16′)

SAA Athletic Awards

Male and Female Athlete of the Year

2018 – Griffin Trull (18′) and Jana Grubbs (18′)

2017 – Cyrus Jones (17′) and Hannah Lowery (17′)

2016 – Bobby Sowa (16′) and Alexandra Hartwick (16′)

2015 – Dalton Trull (15′) and Amy Harrington (15′)

2014 – Brendan Collins (14′) and Makayla Trull (14′)

2013 – Brendan Collins (14′) and Katie Johnston (13′)

Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year

2018 – Bryan Wong (18′) and Kailea Corpuz (18′)

2017 – Griffin Trull (18′) and Kailea Corpuz (18′)

2016 – Jake Calkins (16′) and Hannah Lowery (17′)

2015 – Jake Calkins (16′) and Megan Bush (15′)

2014 – Joel Wagness (15′) and Megan Bush (15′)

2013 – Kieran Genobaga (14′) and Meredith Lovell (14′)

Rudometkin Award

2018 – Shane Jones (18′)

2017 – Lorenzo Pena (17′) and Kaylin Tatsuyama (17′)

2016 – Jake Calkins (16′)

2015 – Joel Wagness (15′)

2014 – Sonja Cartwright (14′)

2013 –  Addy Calkins (13′)