BYOD – High School Program

Blending Technology and Learning

Sacramento Adventist Academy’s (SAA) Board of Trustees has adopted a Smart and Safe technology plan to enhance the technology used at SAA and place it within reach of students at all levels. Placing computers in the hands of students as an instructional tool is an important piece of this plan.

During the 2013-14 school year, we ran a pilot program of an important next in our technology plan. Using donated laptops and the devices students have available, we have flipped or blended classes in Advanced Placement US History, Geometry, Computer Applications, Photography, and many others. Combined with Moodle, students have been able to watch lessons at home, use financial simulations, take quizzes and test online as well as access digital resources for enhanced learning and research.

Phase I has been a success! Students have measurably increased comprehension, as reflected on test scores. They have also experienced more efficient learning, allowing instructors to cover more material during the duration of the course. Below is a video documenting some of the early results of SAA’s pilot.

The Next Steps

The SAA administration is now expanding the pilot program here at SAA – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Beginning in 2015-16 school year SAA will require all high school students to provide a device that meets the school’s minimum criteria. During this coming school (2014-15) year we are recommending that students have their own mobile device that meets these standards.

SAA’s BYOD program will be operating system agnostic but will require following:

  • 4 GB RAM minimum
  • Microsoft Office (provided free from the school)
  • An operating system currently supported by the manufacturer – currently Windows Vista or later, or OSX Mavericks
  • A full size keyboard
  • A computer bag/backpack to protect the computer when not in use
  • Internet content filtering