Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Sacramento Adventist Academy has adopted the following Schoolwide Learner Outcomes:

An emerging Christ follower who…
A1:  Studies the Bible with an emerging understanding of scripture.
A2:  Develops a vibrant, life-giving personal relationship with God.
A3:  Demonstrates Christian values including compassion, tolerance, justice, and respect.
A4:  Demonstrates an understanding of the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
A life-long learner, and independent thinker who…
B1: Welcomes continued educational development and demonstrates an enthusiasm for knowledge.
B2: Adapts learned knowledge to real life experiences.
B3: Demonstrates resourcefulness in dealing with challenges.
B4: Appreciates aesthetic beauty, the fine arts, and various cultures.
B5: Utilizes logical thinking through technology, engineering, and programming.
B6: Reasons independently, thinks critically and constructively, and is a problem solver.
B7: Demonstrates self-direction and initiative.
A physically and mentally healthy person who…
C1: Has a positive sense of self-worth.
C2: Assesses his/her own need for self-improvement.
C3: Is able to deal with life experiences rationally and reasonably.
C4: Recognizes peer pressure and how to deal with it.
C5: Appreciates and practices the importance of healthy life-style choices like good fitness and nutritional choices.
C6: Recognizes and appreciates the talents and skills of him/herself and others.
C7: Understands that a healthy body is necessary in developing an alert and active mind.
An effective communicator who…
D1: Interprets and communicates written information.
D2: Expresses written thoughts clearly, using correct grammar, syntax, and mechanics.
D3: Speaks competently in public.
D4: Employs critical listening skills.
D5: Understands and uses technology responsibly.
D6: Uses communication as a means of conflict resolution and expresses emotions in a constructive manner.
D7: Recognizes and understands non-verbal communication.
A moral and ethical individual who…
E1: Speaks out to defend what is right.
E2: Participates in community service.
E3: Develops self-control and a sense of responsibility for one’s actions.
E4: Shows accountability, independence, and courage in making moral decisions.