Carmichael Commons Project

For the last five years, Sacramento Adventist Academy (SAA), along with our partners: the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (NCC), and developer Generations, LLC in Portland, Oregon, have sought to develop the 15 acres of vacant land on the eastern side of the campus, along Hackberry Lane, into a Seventh-day Adventist-focused senior housing community called Carmichael Commons. To view renderings, click here.

SAA and the NCC strongly believe this project will provide long, deep, and positive impacts to SAA and our local community. There are many reasons the school and conference have spent so much time and effort in promoting this project, but the highlights are: 

  • It will provide a much needed income source outside of tuition, church subsidy, and conference subsidy which can be used for major campus improvements and tuition assistance. 
  • It will also give the school the state of the art performing arts center we have needed for several decades. It will also greatly beautify our campus. 
  • It will create many student labor opportunities. 
  • It will create intergenerational synergy between our school and our senior neighbors. Seniors are great neighbors! 
  • It will be a gorgeous complex with many amenities that will benefit Carmichael that are not currently offered. 
  • It will create scores of jobs. 
  • It will also expand the scope of the Adventist church’s mission and influence in the area. Attached are some recent renderings of the project. 

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